Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone who can help you discover what is holding you back in life.
They empower you to make a change, discover your purpose and live a fulfilling life
that is true to you.


What is a typical coaching session like?

Coaching sessions typically last between 50-60 minutes. Your coach will ask powerful questions that will help you achieve your goals and overcome limiting beliefs or roadblocks that are holding you back. Using a variety of tools, techniques and exercises we will assist you in creating positive habits and behaviours, helping you to achieve your goals with clarity, motivation and confidence.


How is Life Coaching different to therapy?

Life coaching is about taking action and moving towards the future. A Life Coach
will work with their client as they are in the present moment, together they will look
forwards rather than backwards.


What happens when I submit an enquiry?

Once you submit an enquiry, we will arrange a free discovery call to see if Life
Coaching is right for you.


How much do Life Coaching sessions cost?

Coaching sessions vary from once-off sessions to four-week programs, online
courses, Skype sessions and workplace talks. Prices vary depending on your
individual needs, a payment plan is available. Submit your enquiry today to book your
free discovery call.